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-That doesn’t sound like much fun… Is there anything I can do for you? =C
bats and water animals are cool too though. I like all creatures. -

Its not much fun because I can’t leave here.. so making friends is insanely hard to do <8c

Friendly reminder that my Skype is available upon request to mutual followers if you wanna plot or chat or whatever. ★~(◡‿◕✿)

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I may or may NOT have been on a certain website for about.. 10 months now.. I have noticed more people getting on it.. >_>; Guess I can’t hide anymore..



-I try to!
I am small and yellow. I don’t remember a lot but I know I was a racer, I can’t talk but I can write and sign. Sorta, I am not that great at it. I love stuffed things and birds and lizards and bugs and all kinds of critters! What about you? -

Well.. I am stuck to my control room, the cords in my body are what keep me alive.. uhh.. I love birds, and bats, bats are super cool. I adore aquatic creatures, each of my cords has a mind of its own, and they talk in their own way, I used to be a racer, but now.. I can’t.

shadowbirdsitu whispered: very good. i've taught you well. you're on your own now~

Ahahaah, yes senpai, thank you



-I will bring you some then! Baking is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I burnt a lot of things when I first started too. -

I bet you bake alot of great things, so why don’t you tell me about yourself?

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shadowbirdsitu whispered: yes, now do it.

I am doing it, I’m talking to a very nice guy who goes by the name Radio 



-I had some sleep trouble and I hit the nightstand with my face. =’C.
I like to bake a lot of things, like cake and cookies! I thought I would try muffins or cupcakes today. Do you like baked stuff? I could bring you some! -

I love baked things, I just.. can’t really bake myself.. ahaha.. I tend to burn things, so I don’t try anymore.. ahaha..


-That’s okay! I don’t think it’s strange, I am really shy too. I am also glad you are okay and that you decided to talk with me. I am doing well too, I still have a bump on my head but it is getting better and I am going to try baking something new today! -

"You have a bump on your head? Where did you get that from??" TZ asked as he pulled himself over with his cords "And you bake? What do you bake?" 

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