Sorry I have not been around as much anymore


I have been very very busy as of late. Anime Boston is coming up and I’m trying to finish my notepad Cosplay along with I had a huge State Exam this week, I passed and I am now a Certified Nursing Assistant, now that I am Certified, I’ll be getting a job. Which means I will hardly have free time (as if I have any free time now.)
I have been over working myself and I haven’t been able to relax in a long time.. I’m sorry for this, I’ve been too stressed and too busy what when I’m done working, I just pass out.. so I am sorry I have not been on any of my accounts.
I hope you can all forgive me





Well uhm. What is it?

Wow you are a HORRIBLE boyfriend~~~~ hehehehehehe 
Its right over HERE.

viralpensiveness whispered: you really need to learn not to capitalize random nouns. do you need a

library program

to help you with that. [:

if you are talking about yourself. 
Then no. I rather not.

And I do it to get my point across to Hero.
Considering he is my brother and all.




Well isn’t that nice. Did she tell you about her monster crush on Libby before hand then? This wasn’t a big ol surprise?

As far as it goes for Pepper it would be a lot easier if she actually had an account. -cough-

Oh, I knew about it a long time ago, just like her Crush on Lady~ -crosses arms and grins- So it is of no suprise, and last i checked, she did have an account. 


Please, keep your boyfriend, He can be friends with my wife, but I would prefer if people stopped trying to ‘ship’ them together.


You ‘n me both.

So I think we can both agree, we don’t like seeing our loved ones shipped with one another.




Relaaaax. I mean really I have nothing to do with this big conspiracy other than bringing it to light.
Again you really should be thanking me for catching onto them playing coy with eachother. It’s sickening.

I’m a one girl guy myself. Hmhmhm~

"One girl guy" … Oh really now.. so tell me, whens the last time you’ve even talked to your girlfriend… oh whats her name again.. Pepper.. thats it. Howdo you even know she still loves you after all you have done? Leaving her aside as if she is like next weeks garbage~!
And who says I don’t know about what was going on? My wife tells me everything~!




-narrows eyes- I swear to God Hero I’m going to rip your spine out.. and yes ME. :/


Oh hey TZ. Thought you were MIA for good.
Anyways I was being the gentleman and trying to rid this suitor of your betrothed. You should be thanking me.

…Thanking you… heh…he..hah…HAHAHAHA.
Don’t think I don’t see that sudden change of expression! You are just trying to save your sorry ass!

Just because I’m gone for a few months working on Repairs, DOESN’t MEAN I AM DEAD.


turbozone replied to your post:HERO. SHUT.  UP.
Do you really think.. I’m not good enough for you?

When… did I say that? I chose to be with you because I love you.

I know dear… But it seems I’m nothing but Dirt now a days… -slumps- Maybe I’m losing my touch..

tagged: #now im offended




Hero: I think Libby’s ripe for picking TZ’s girl. Ho ho ho!






yep. You’ve got him to deal with. You are obviously pining over Sizab.
It’s so obvious.
Unless you’re stringing her along. Which is all fine too.

-narrows eyes- I swear to God Hero I’m going to rip your spine out.. and yes ME. :/

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